iPad Backup

Before upgrading your iOS version or returning your iPad to BRHS it is important to make sure your data is backed up.

Backup the entire iPad

For complete backup instructions, see this How to back up your devices using iCloud or iTunes.

These are the basic instructions for backing up to iCloud. If you don't have enough iCloud space, you can delete some data or follow the instructions for backing up using iTunes on a computer.

  1. Open Settings
  2. Click iCloud, then Backup
  3. Enable backup, then select Back Up Now

You must be on WiFi for the backup to begin and you should be charged to at least 50% or be plugged into a power source.


Backup individual apps


Your notes can be backed up in one of two ways. Notability files are included in a full iPad backup.

  1. By syncing with iCloud (instructions)
  2. By backing up to another cloud storage like Google Drive (instructions)


There are several ways to backup your photos/videos. Photos/videos are included in a full iPad backup.

  1. Copy to a Mac or PC using these instructions.
  2. Enable iCloud Photo Library to automatically sync your Photos with iCloud using these instructions.  If you enable iCloud Photo Library, your photos are no longer included in a full iPad backup.