Wireless networks

WiFi network changes

Significant changes were made to the WiFi network in August 2015 due to the iPad program. Most of the information that appears on this page has changed.


The School provides WiFi (Internet access) with the primary purpose of supporting the educational process. Not all websites or applications will be available to all user groups.

Available networks



Web filtering and bandwidth

Web filtering rules are determined based on your user type. Example: Faculty who log onto BR-Guest WiFi will be filtered the same as on their laptop or iPad. Students who logon will be filtered the same as on their iPad. Student bandwidth (speed) is significantly limited on the BR-Guest WiFi in order to reserve bandwidth for iPads.


This network is open, meaning that anyone including visitors can connect. After connecting your device you may be automatically prompted with the login screen below. If you do not see the login screen, open your browser and attempt to go to a website.

  • Guests will be given a Username and Password, there is no need to change the Domain box. Once entered, you are granted access to the Internet for the remainder of the day. This guest access is temporary and the password you were given will change.

  • Staff/Faculty and Students can also login with their personal devices. Enter your BRHS account information in the Username  (do not include the @brrice.edu) and Password boxes. Change the Domain box to student.brrice.local (for Students) or brrice.local (for Faculty/Staff). Once logged in,  access will last for the remainder of the week.



Webfiltering and bandwidth

In August 2015, bandwidth for students was significantly increased in order to support 650 student iPads. In order to provide bandwidth to all students, some websites and applications have been blocked or limited (slower speeds).


This network is intended to be used with BRHS-issued iPads. The network is automatically installed on all BRHS owned iPads.


Your iPad will automatically connect to this network. If your iPad will not connect or you are being prompted to type a password, you must visit the Self Service app on your iPad and reinstall the BR-iPads network which is located at the bottom of the app listing.




This network is intended to be used by Faculty, Staff, and Coaches only.

This network is automatically installed on all BRHS-issued laptops, iPads and iPhones. Anyone wishing to connect another device must visit the Technology Office.